Network Baselining

Traffic Metrics:   Basic metrics such as utilization errors/faults, protocol distribution, and detailed data indicating top talkers, data flows and details of end node interaction (who is talking to whom and when) is gathered and analyzed.  ADNET will perform separate measurements for different protocols since aggregate statistics that combine traffic can be misleading.

Network Topology Review: ADNET will diagram your actual network so you can easily visualize the state of the current network topology.

Assessment and Observations: Adnet experienced network consultants asses the general state of your network architecture and present high level recommendations for optimal performance, availability and reliability.  This analysis can be used for proactive planning to predict whether the existing architecture can accommodate additional requirements and growth.


Service includes on-the-phone, via modem, pre-configured, or on-site.


Most Products. Domestic and foreign arrangements.

24x7 Network Emergency Hotline -
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LAN/WAN Expert diagnostics on an emergency or scheduled basis.

Lab Services

ADNET Lab Service is the product brand for ADNET innovative Interoperability Laboratory Testing. One of the hottest areas in networking today, the power and versatility of the interoperability lab is invaluable to companies who want to test new hardware and application before they install them on their network. By replicating a company's exact network in a test environment problem areas can be uncovered before installation thus saving time, and money, greatly reducing the possibility of future downtime.

Network Security Services

- Vulnerability Analysis
- Intrusion Detection
- Security policy development
- Auditing
- Firewall Implementation
- Security Monitoring

Remote Network Monitoring

ARMS - Alpine Remote Network Monitoring Service


Glossary Of Terms and Acronyms

IP Addressing

Ethernet Switching Tutorial

Ethernet Glossary

Routing Basics

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